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Oncore Pro

What to get more out of Oncore? Upgrade to Oncore Pro for only $9.99 per year and access more than 20 features with more on the way.

Upgrade to Oncore Pro using Apple’s In-App Purchase. Tap any button with a lock on it or use the left side menu and click Upgrade to Oncore Pro

Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot visible on the My Classes page gives insights into how you are engaging all of your classrooms each day.


Oncore Pro gives you access to eight extra classroom reports giving you more insights into how your classrooms and students are being engaged.


Notes can be added to a number of features in Oncore including: Daily Focus, Student Interactions, and Behaviors.

Classroom Customization

Customize each classroom with this essential Oncore Pro feature. Customize Assignment Categories and weights, behaviors, and default notification preferences.

Custom Notifications

By default you can send auto-generated notifications with Oncore, but Oncore Pro users can create custom notifications to start a dialog with a parent at any time.

Multiple Seating Charts

Change the learning environment in your classroom easily by utilizing multiple seating charts. Each can have its own grid settings.

Performance Scale

Adjust the performance scale for each classroom to determine what each color on the Oncore Color Bar represents.

Future Updates

We aren’t done with Oncore. We have a slew of new features and Oncore Pro users will always get access to these best new features with an active subscription. Oncore Pro users can also request development releases to help us test new features.