Where do I redeem a Promo Code for Oncore Pro?

To redeem a promo code please go to http://oncoreapp.com/upgrade. You will have to login with your existing account and your Promo Code.

I tried migrating my data from version 1, but I don’t see any of it in version 2!

Don’t worry, your data is still there. There may have been an issue during the initial migration process. In this latest version if the app detects that you have data that can still be migrated there will be an option in the left side menu to migrate your data to the current logged in user.

How can I import students with a CSV file.

Download our CSV Template from the resources page. After editing the template with your students you can use one of these methods:
1) Email the file to yourself. Press and hold on the attachment and use the open with feature on iOS. Choose oncore from the list of available apps.
2) Using a cloud file sharing app such as dropbox. Add your CSV file to your directory and browse in the appropriate app on iOS. Press and hold on the CSV file you wish to import and use the open with feature on iOS. Choose oncore from the list of available apps.
3) Use iTunes File Sharing to add the CSV directly to the oncore app via iTunes.

I’m trying to import students with a CSV file and it’s not working.

Make sure you are using the template found on the resources page. If you are having trouble, please email your CSV file to support@oncoreeducation.com and we will help you find a solution.

I paid for the Oncore Pro upgrade, but it’s not giving me access.

If this happens to you, please email support@oncoreeducation.com and we can update your subscription.

It appears I have duplicated data in my classroom, what should I do?

If this happens to you, please email support@oncoreeducation.com and we can try to repair the data.

How does the auto select student button work?

Oncore chooses a student randomly by favoring those students who have had fewer interactions as well as factoring in their performance level.

Can I add more standards to the Oncore Standards Library?

Currently Oncore supports Common Core and NGSS standards. We are partnered with the leading provider of classroom standards data and ready to add more as people request them. If you’d like access to more standards, please contact us.

Why can I only attach one standard to an interaction?

You can attach muliptle standards to multiple areas of Oncore, but for assessing interactions we believe that should be done one standard at a time. This provides more accuracy in the standards mastery reports.

What is Oncore Pro?

Oncore pro is an extended set of features that allow users to take notes, customize the classroom settings, create multiple seating charts, and have access to eight extra reports. If you are interested in learning more about Oncore Pro or upgrading, click here.

Can I push assignment grades to my Learning Management System?

We look forward to adding this feature with LMS’s. Feel free to notify your LMS that you’d like to integrate Oncore. In the mean time, switching your seating chart to alphabetical mode will help you see student data in alphabetical order to make entering data easier.

Can I pull data from my Learning Management System?

We are working on partnering with multiple LMS systems and will integrate with them as soon as possible. If you would like to integrate with you LMS, please email support@oncoreeducation.com.

Why take attendance if I’m already taking attendance on my LMS?

Taking attendance on Oncore improves classroom work flow. Oncore factors out absent students for the day. They won’t be placed into groups, graded on any assignments or called on in Oncore’s participation mode. Also, Oncore creates notifications for tardies and absences, so teachers can communicate with parents about these behaviors.

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