Equity in the Classroom

It is not enough that all students have access to a good school, ALL students must receive meaningful feedback from their teachers. Oncore’s student mode ensures that the teacher engages ALL students.

The 4 C’s

The Common Core’s vision is to make sure that all students are ready for college or career upon completing 12th grade. In order to do this learning environments that promote Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration are essential.  Here’s how oncore facilitates all four:

CRITICAL THINKING: Oncore makes learning transparent: using a color hierarchy teachers can easily tailor lessons and standards to specific descriptions of proficiency. The greatest learning takes place when teacher feedback is tied to a specific level of performance.
CREATIVITY: Oncore emphasizes creating feedback-rich, trusting environments. An oncore classroom pushes students to reach for more elegant, innovative, or original solutions to problems. Oncore teachers who reserve the highest proficiency level for remarkable solutions find that student want to exercise their creativity more.
COLLABORATION: Oncore uses the progress monitoring data that the teacher collects to create groups: same level, mixed level, or random. These groups can be assessed as one unit or as  individuals within a group. WIth oncore’s collaborative groups and feedback monitoring, group work can be focused, standards-based, and immediately assessed.
COMMUNICATION: With oncore the teacher solicits feedback from ALL students. No student disappears. Every student is involved. A culture of feedback is one of communication: oncore shapes teacher instruction in such a way that teachers see themselves of activators of communication in the classroom, and evaluators of the learning taking place.

Oncore Standards Library

All Common Core and NGSS standards are embedded within Oncore and can be tied to a classroom session, student interaction, group activity, or assignment. In this way teachers can integrate progress monitoring of student learning simply and effectively.