Oncore Tips: How to Modify Classrooms in Oncore


Someone recently called Oncore the “Swiss-Army Knife” of classroom management.

Swiss army knives often have seemingly random tools that have functionality, but nobody knows why they are there. So it goes with Oncore. One of the hidden gems in Oncore is modification. And you can modify just about anything once you know how to use the modification slide feature. It makes Oncore even more awesome than you thought. So, here’s a list of Oncore’s modification features.


Modifying Classes

Look for the two gray parallel lines. Press and slide to reveal your classroom editing options. 

PRess and slide 1

You’ll see four icons.  Here’s what they do:

Pencil Icon: Edit class name and information.

Copy of Press and slide 3

“X” Icon: Delete the class. Oncore will ask you to confirm this choice!

Copy of Press and slide 4

File Drawer Icon:  This will move your classroom into the archived class list which appears below your existing list.

-Copy of Press and slide 5 

 Pages Icon: This allows you to duplicate a class.

-Copy of Press and slide 6 (1)

Modifications Within Your Classrooms

You’ll see the same modification interface and icons in several places:

In the student list feature you can modify or delete any student. The modification feature is especially great for students who have nicknames.

File_004 File_005

Moving to the seating chart feature, you’ll find that the feature opens an important seating chart editing window.  This feature allows you to modify the number of available seats in rows and columns in the classroom. This is very helpful.

File_006 Classroom modification (1)

Also, in assignments and groups, the teacher has the ability to edit or delete these as well.


At Oncore we want you to have the right tools to fit your classroom and your kiddos.  We love feedback. Let us know how we can improve features like these to improve your classroom climate and instruction. To unlock the full power of Oncore, download Oncore Pro.


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