About Oncore

With oncore we want to do one thing well, effective classroom instruction. The creators of oncore, a public school teacher and a computer programmer, looked closely at the Common Core and asked one question: How can we help teachers meet this remarkable challenge?

The result is an app that helps teachers minimize their paper load, streamlines their instructional process, and most importantly, gives tons of feedback both to the teacher and to the students in class.

Benefits of Oncore

We know that effective classroom instruction is about engagement. We also know that more technology means more prep time for teachers and a lot more money for districts. So we considered the following when creating oncore:

Universal Classroom Applicability

Oncore will work in any K-12 classroom with one iPad and setup is a breeze.

Minimizing Screen Time

Oncore is about teachers collecting data while relating with students, teachers don’t need to be bound to the screen and neither do students.

Consistent Color Hierarchy

K-12 teachers attach performance to the oncore colors in class and easily assign that performance to individuals or groups of students.

Managing Teacher Work Flow

Oncore helps teachers do what teachers do: taking roll, stamping (“apping”) homework, creating groups, and engaging all students.

Assessing Groups and Individuals

one touch assessment that automatically updates student profiles, informing instructional choices: data informed instruction every day, no spreadsheets or online reports necessary!

Promoting a Culture of Feedback

From the seating chart, to student interactions, to the student history report, teachers get simple, visual feedback about how students are learning, every day, several times a day. This feedback helps teachers make informed instructional choices.