A Little Help from Our Friends, or…Old-School, Old School Portraits

Hi Everyone,  Scott here.  We’re building a strong foundation this summer for the imminent release Oncore 2.0.

This involves marketing. I have a fun idea for a marketing campaign, but I need some help.  I need your school pictures from childhood, the cuter, the cheesier, the more awkward, the more dated, the better. 

If you’re interested in being immortalized in the Oncore universe, please email me at scott@oncoreeducation.com. I’ll send you a digital photo release form, you’ll send me your old-school, old school portrait and then we’re off to the races. Oh, and we’re a bootstrapped startup, so you won’t be doing this for any compensation or royalties, only for the novelty, the public good, or just for kicks.

Thanks for considering it.



Photo Credit: Daniel M. Hendricks, “Tony in Gradeschool” Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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