3 Ways Oncore Helps Teachers Communicate with Parents

Teachers know that parent communication is an important but labor-intensive task. What triggers a parent communication varies from teacher to teacher, school to school.

Some apps automatically send progress reports to parents weekly, but this can quickly become a chore for teachers and parents alike, requiring another system for the teacher to keep plugging away at, and clogging up inboxes of parents.

The Oncore approach to parent communication is simple:

THE TEACHER can easily create notifications and THE TEACHER has control over the decision to email or archive the Oncore notifications she creates.

So, here three ways that we help teachers to communicate with parents more effectively.

1. Non-Attempts Notifications


When a teacher marks the “non-attempt” button on an assignment, Oncore creates a notification letting the parent know that the student didn’t attempt the assignment. Teachers can customize any non-attempt message.

2. Behavior Notifications

Electronic device

Teachers can choose from a standard group of positive and negative behaviors and send a quick response home. Pro users can customize behaviors for their learning context.

3. Attendance Notifications



Tardies and absences both trigger a notification. Teachers can easily send these to parents of students who continue to show  poor attendance behaviors.

At Oncore we want to maximize a teacher’s capacity to create a classroom environment that is fair, focused and feedback rich. Giving the teachers the power to send these simple, effective notifications can help classrooms thrive.

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